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Report Story It might be because of Logan’s warning that I don’t freak out at finding two strange men in dark overcoats standing in my tiny living room. Or it could be that I’ve been living in London for so long now, that nothing ever really surprises me anymore. I freeze in the doorway, my hand still clamped around my key, and watch as they fish identification badges out from their suit pockets. A short balding man who looks like he could be a used car salesman, is the first to speak. Unlike his colleague, he flicks it at me quickly before returning it to his pocket. The car salesman holds up his hands. The estate agent authorised our entry via written permission. I can assure you, no law has been contravened. We work for a subdivision of the Metropolitan Police.

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If you’re like most Americans, that sentence alone is enough to make you cringe. It’s the stereotypical sales tactic of the used car salesman. It might be the first thing you hear when you step onto a car lot, especially toward the end of a month or sales quarter. And it’s the first sign that.

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Cancel 0 Never date a salesman, because the first thing they learn is the Law of Averages. They know how to make you feel at ease; they set out baits to slowly fish information out of you to find your vices. So while they lull you into a false sense of security, they plot on how to break your heart.

David Teves, a California-based salesman who writes the blog Confessions of a Car Man, says he can determine a customer’s mood by the parking spot they choose.

The Life of a Car Salesman — Part 1 Published by KB on April 23 There are so many articles, posts and stories out there that portray the life of a car salesman as a miserable career. Because the life of a car salesperson can be fun, lucrative, challenging and exciting. Over the years I have talked with customers on the phone and on the showroom floor that tell me that they used to sell cars for a living and that they know how it works.

They called or came to the dealership to buy a car and they wanted me to know that they are special and they expect to be treated differently. In other words they probably sucked and their day in the life of a car salesman was less than desirable. The funny thing is that they are usually easy to sell and they will pay profit if you make them think you are treating them like they are special the same way you should make all customers feel.

The Daily Life of a Car Salesman The daily life of the car salesman is very hard to predict because practically everyday is different. If you kept track of everything you did everyday your diary of a car salesman would be huge in no time at all. The basic routine might be the same, but the people, the cars and the situations will never be the same. You get to work and typically have a short sales meeting with your fellow salespeople and the sales manager on duty.

Sometimes the meeting will get you up to speed on the previous days sales, incentives and inventory and other times it may include tips for selling more cars. However, if the day before was a rough day the sales meeting could be a bitch session by the sales manager.

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Many of them know to turn down unnecessary add-ons such as rust-proofing and fabric protection. They even may know they can get price quotes from multiple dealerships online and detailed information on dealer costs, rebates and financing. This is not to say that all dealerships resort to high-pressure or misleading sales tactics. In fact, the increased sophistication of consumers has persuaded some dealerships to behave more openly and honestly than ever before.

But shoppers still need to be wary throughout the car-buying process.

The Life of a Car Salesman – Part 1 Published by KB on April 23 There are so many articles, posts and stories out there that portray the life of a car salesman as a miserable career.

According to a Gallup poll, 95 percent of Americans believe car salesmen have low ethical standards. Twice as many people trust lawyers as car salesmen. Levine, a California State University at Fresno psychologist, spent weeks as a car salesman while writing his book The Power of Persuasion. Here’s what he’s gleaned: The Low-Ball Salesmen often lure customers by quoting an impossibly low price over the phone.

When the customer arrives, the “low-baller” excuses himself—to the bathroom, a phone call or family emergency—leaving a second salesperson to explain that the first had misquoted the price or was having personal problems. Common Ties Successful salesmen try to latch onto anything they have in common with the buyer, such as a link—real or not—to the buyer’s job or college. The manager “will bring out the Hispanic salesman for the Hispanic couple, or the female salesperson for a woman.

If there’s a sale, they’ll split the commission. Never ask a customer a question that can be answered with a “no. Instead of asking if a customer is interested in a particular model, a savvy salesman might ask, “Do you prefer the economic four-cylinder or the power of the six-cylinder?

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Cancel Search This page is for personal, non-commercial use. You may order presentation ready copies to distribute to your colleagues, customers, or clients, by visiting http: Despite their calm and collected appearance, car salesmen are under immense pressure and will often do or say anything to get you to buy a car. Getty Images To a car salesman, selling cars is a game of strategy.

Top 10 Car Scams While Buying or Selling When you buy a new or a used car, you must be wary of car buying scams. Whether you are purchasing through a dealer or a private owner, car selling scams can cost you hundreds, even thousands, of extra dollars.

Sergey Kapustin, 47, was arrested on wire fraud charges for collecting payments from more than foreigners who never received their ordered cars. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey said in a statement Thursday. But the cars would never arrive, and Kapustin would allegedly continue to extort money by saying the car had been damaged, then offering a different one and collecting a fee for it.

When Kapustin did ship cars to Finland, where the customers were supposed to pick them up, they were usually salvaged vehicles that had been flooded with saltwater, authorities said. More often, Kapustin did not actually possess the cars he was advertising online. Kapustin appeared in federal court in Newark on Thursday afternoon. Kapustin allegedly shipped that car to Finland, but employees there told the customer they would not release the car without additional charges.

The Average Salary of a Car Salesman

Bonus Tips You need to be very careful when buying a used car. You can easily end up with a lemon or rebuilt car. When you see a horrific wreck on the highway you probably don’t realize that many of those cars end up repaired, rebuilt and sold on the used car marked. There are positives to buying used. Most importantly you will get more value for your dollar since somebody else took the huge hit on the initial depreciation.

The salesman who approached me was a 30s blonde, blue, casual dress (baggy shorts and open shirt over a tee). Very pleasant and friendly. We looked over some cars and discussed what I wanted in a car.

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Behind the Scenes at a Car Dealership Did you ever wonder why it can take so long to buy a car? Have you questioned whether the salesperson really has to check with his manager to get a deal approved? Do you want to know why a car salesman can’t just give you his best price upfront? We know there are things about car shopping that seem mysterious.

And we’re here to give you some insight into what’s going on.

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Buying a Used Car – Tips and Scams to Avoid

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Shopping for Cars for Sale in Philadelphia? What You Need to Know Before You Buy Whether you live in central city Philadelphia or one of the surrounding suburbs, you rely on your vehicle to get you where you need to be. You rely on the car you drive to get you from home to work safely, and you expect your vehicle to provide safe and reliable transportation for those fun family road trips. The Philadelphia region is known for its extensive network of roads and highways, but you will not make it far if you do not choose your used car carefully.

That is why it is so important to shop carefully and to find a car dealer who truly has your best interests at heart. Reliable Used Cars for Philadelphia Area Drivers When it comes to finding quality used cars for sale in the Philadelphia area, you can rely on the staff at Philly Auto to match you with the right vehicle, all for a price that will not bust your budget.

Our no-haggle pricing sets us apart from other area car dealers, so you can actually look forward to shopping for your next set of wheels. At Philly Auto, we strive to be different, and we want to be better than all the rest. That commitment starts with our no-haggle pricing, so the price you see is the price you pay. We will not pressure you to buy or match you with a vehicle that does not meet your needs.

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